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Slash Zone

Where Fiction is Reality

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Slash Zone is a community where Slash stories can be shared with other LJ users. Slash Zone is a closed community. If you would like to become a member, go here

Your friends and mine.... the rules:

1) for fics, the following heading is mandatory:

Possible Spoilers:

Also, please use the default format, and do not add any cutesy-colored html markup to your fic.

2) please include all fics, artwork, and other non-text messages behind a lj-cut.
For help on how to use a lj-cut, go here.

3) if you post a fic, I am assuming that I have the right to archive it, as well as your future fics
so basically, if you're on this community, I own your ass. If you don't want this to happen, please state it in the header of the fic, or email me at slash_admin@hotmail.com

4) on-topic conversations please!!
talking about the various actors is all right, but when you start posting Rupert Grint LJ icons on here, I think I have to draw the line. This is for Slash-related interests - please keep all other postings to their respective communities. If you don't know of a community in which to post it in, ask the group (as long as it is a Slash-related post) - I'm sure someone would be more than willing to help you.

5) no flames!!
Flame and you get banned. Simple enough.

6) If thou pimpeths thy community...
It is allowed, as long as a picture/fic/conversation topic/etc. is included with it. No posting for the soul purpose of pimping.

7) All NC-17 works must be friend-locked
This is the most important rule, as this community is watched by some who aren't of age. There is a reason why those younger than 17 are not allowed in, after all.

8) An active community is a...
Happy community! What exactly is the purpose of joining a community you do not participate in? For everyone to enjoy this community, everyone needs to participate.

The golden rule here is that slash_zone is for anything and everything Slash-related. Feel free to post fics, pictures, stories, etc. etc., as long as the keep with the theme of the community, which is Slash. Post whatever you like, pimp, etc., as long as part of the post is Slash-related. (hence why it is called 'Slash Zone').

All newbies are expected to have read the rules. Checking the user info is a smart thing to do when you join a community, and I can't see why that wouldn't be the case here. I do NOT want to have to ban anyone - this community is for everyone! So just enjoy this, and most important, have fun!

As always, feel free to give me a shoutout!

email: slash_admin@hotmail.com
AIM: uney_malfoy
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